Our service requires that you provide correctly sized and formatted artwork. We do not resize artwork to match mockups as part of our service. Below you will find information about size, resolution, file format, and tips on preparing your artwork. Incorrectly formatted artwork may result in delays in order processing.
General File Requirements

Please check out our general file requirements below. These requirements apply to all of our products unless otherwise noted on the product specifically.
Print File Types

We accept .PDF, .PSD, .PNG*. Make sure all files are single layered with outlined fonts and have a transparent background

PNG files are accepted but they can’t be saved in CMYK so there can be some color shifting when we convert them to CMYK before printing.
Color Profile

All apparel and posters are printed in the CMYK color profile. When setting up your file make sure it is in CMYK rather than RGB. The reason for this is that a CMYK printer is not able to print all the colors in the RGB color space. All phone cases are printed in RGB.


All garments are printed at 300 DPI. Any images that are NOT 300 DPI are not guaranteed for final size. If your image is only 200 DPI our machines may reduce the size of your final print.

Merge Layers

When uploading .PSD files, please make sure that all of your layers are merged before uploading artwork. If your layers are not merged, your image will be uploaded as only one layer, and not the entire image. Do not flatten artwork if you desire transparency to remain intact.

T-Shirt Templates

You can upload the template image with or without trimming the transparent background. Using the 12×16″ template as an example if you filled up the ENTIRE template your design would print at 12×16″. If you filled exactly half your image would print at 6″x8″ so the blank area doesn’t actually get printed. Files are print AT the size provided. We do not resize artwork based on the size of the garment.
Style Resolution Standard Front Print Oversized Print
Adult T-Shirts/Crew Sweatshirts —— 300 DPI ——- 12″ W x 16″ H ——- 14″ W x 18″ H *
Hooded Sweatshirts (front) —— 300 DPI ——- 12″ W x 10″ H ——- N/A
Youth T-Shirts —— 300 DPI 7.5″ W x 10″ H N/A
Toddler T-Shirts 300 DPI 6″ W x 8″ H N/A
Infant Apparel 300 DPI 5″W x 5″ H N/A
Full Pocket Prints (Allover) 300 DPI 6″W x 6″H N/A

* Note: We can not print oversized prints on the front of hoodies, any kids, any baby, or women’s sizes. Jumbo prints cost an additional $3.25 per print.